Create A Killer Plan For Your Real Estate Email List

How To Create A Killer Plan For Your Email List

3 things to think about before you hit send

Email lists are a marketing staple for real estate agents. It is the backbone of lead generation and lead nurturing. 

But what do you do now that you have this healthy list? As a real estate agent, your goal is to be generating more sales and building relationships. To do so through email marketing, you will need to be intentional with the content that you are sending. 

Today, we are sharing 3 things to think about to help create a plan of attack for your list, so you can be successful long term. 


Before you get started, you should ask yourself why you want to start your email list. 

“Because every Realtor has one” / “I was told I need one” , are not great reasons. If you start one because of these two reasons, you might end up creating an email marketing plan that doesn’t work well with your target audience. 

Here are a few reasons you might be interested in starting your email list:

  1. Inform your audience of new listings
  2. Promote services
  3. Share inside Real Estate information
  4. Build a community


This is so important. If your email provides no value, it will be very difficult to keep subscribers on your list. 

SECRET TIP: The #1 way to make sure you are providing value is to share exclusive content with ONLY your email subscribers. 

Learn the #1 way to providing your email list with an insane amount of value in just 1 email!

This means you are publishing content exclusively to your email list - no where else!

Another way to provide value to your audience is to give them a FREE download. Example: Sending an email in March or April and including a spring cleaning checklist. That is a FREE piece of content anyone on your list can find value in. 


The key to building a successful email list is to maintain consistency. When you’re just starting your email list, you don’t need to go crazy sending emails once a week - start small. 

Make a schedule to send an email once a month or even twice a month. By starting small it will give you an adjustment period to get use to creating more content than you are use to. 

Creating a plan for your email list is the key to success in growth & consistency!

After you’ve figured out your schedule, experiment with what day and time your email’s will go out. Unfortunately we can’t tell you when the best times are - it all depends on your audience. we can suggest though: 

  1. Send up to 4 emails at different times to see what times works best.
  2. Post on social media asking when your audience is most likely to read or not read their emails.
  3. Post on social media the day and time your emails go out.

Take Action

Now that you have your plan in place, you’re ready to create your email list, and we have the perfect resource for you!