Real Estate Hashtags Every Agent Should Know

Everyone is always seeing #hashtags all over social media, specifically Twitter and Instagram. It’s a prominent part of tech culture- you basically have to live under a rock to have never heard that word before. One of the biggest questions we get asked by clients is ”What do hashtags actually do? Why should I use them?” To that we say, “What CAN’T a hashtag do!” In the social media world the hashtag is one of the most POWERFUL tools!

If you are new to social media, hashtags are those keywords preceded by the pound sign. They are integral to the way we communicate online. By adding the pound sign in front of the word(s), it becomes a searchable link allowing anyone who searches those word(s) to access your tweet! It’s a really awesome feature! 

The purpose of the hashtag is to organize and group topics. So picking popular key words to hashtag is important! This is the deciding factor of 100 people seeing your tweet/photo or 100,000 people. YES, you have the ability to reach that many people! Utilize your power!

[#so #tweeting #like #this #will #get #you #nowhere #and #you #will #look #stupid]

As popular and important as the hashtag is in today’s social media world, for some it is still a little complicated to master. So, today we will show you some tips and tricks to having the best hashtags with the best strategy to increase viewership on your posts!


Twitter: Twitter is the birthplace of hashtag usage — as such, its hashtags are more versatile on Twitter than other social media platforms. Hashtags are used to have open dialogue on specific topics of conversation.

When you search for a hashtag on Twitter, there are three ways to filter the results. The "Top" option displays the most relevant and popular posts, including those from users you don't follow. "All" shows you every tweet that uses the specific hashtag in real time, and "People you follow" will only display results from users you are following.

Facebook: Facebook only recently starting using hashtags, and it is not as popular. Nevertheless, clicking on Facebook hashtags will take you to a list of posts containing the same hashtag. The results are not limited to people you know.

Instagram: Hashtags can be used to complement photos shared on Instagram and help you discover new accounts and pick up followers.


What good is using hashtags if you're not putting your content in front of your audience. Figure out the hashtags people in your target market are using, and use them often. 

Need HASHTAG HELP? No worries! Here are the Best Real Estate + Business Related Hashtags: 

General Real Estate

These hashtags are most likely used by real estate professionals. They exist to network with others in the industry and to generate leads from those just starting to research the realty process.





For Listings

Customers will look up hashtags to help start their home search. Here’s a list of the common hashtags buyers will click to find listings. With this category, however, you will also want to include a local hashtag to narrow the market. A few “localized” tags are included.





#[NameOfTown]HomesForSale; e.g. #HuntingtonHomesForSale

#[NameOfTown]Properties; e.g. #DenverProperties





These hashtags are a little more specific than the others on the list, but will be the most effective for building your name as a brand. Remember, if someone wants to research you, they’re going to search your name. Build some tags around that concept. Just try to think how Beyonce would advertise herself if she were a real estate agent!

#YourName; e.g. #AlexisTaylor

#YourCompany; e.g. #HouseHunt




As with specific listings, specific events will have to include your #LocalTown so that people can narrow their search to the desired location. This is a good way to advertise an event (such as an open house), or turn the event into a more memorable adventure by giving it its own hashtag!


#[Town]OpenHouse; e.g. #IndianTrailOpenHouse

#[YourName]OpenHouse; e.g. #JesseMcCarlOpenHouse

#RealEstateConference; (conference will normally suggest a specific tag)


Realty Specifics

The real estate hashtags listed above are great for networking, but if you want to highlight a certain specialty, these are the tags that people will be searching.





Additional Popular Hashtags

Marketing: #marketing #socialmedia #SMM #b2b #b2c#businesstips #tipoftheday #businessinsider #entrepreneneur #startup #mastermind #communityovercompetition

Travel: #travel #aroundtheworld #passionpassport #wanderlust #createexplore #welivetoexplore #beautifuldesinations #travelourplanet 



Besides being completely annoying, you're already ignoring tip #1. You need to hashtag strategically. If you use under 15 hashtags it's okay, but a little much. If you use over 20: SPAM ALERT! Be careful not to become a spammer. Aim for around 8 or 9

Give context: A tweet that contains only hashtags is not only confusing — it's boring. If your tweet simply reads, “#happy,” your followers will have no idea what you’re talking about. Similarly, if you tweet, “#AmericanHorrorStory is #awesome,” you’re not really adding much to the conversation.

Try writing your tweet like this: Procrastinating On Spring Cleaning? Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Get Started (insert link) #tipoftheday #realestate


 You need to put some effort into your hashtag strategy. Don't expect to get results by posting and ignoring. Unless you have a 100k followers or more, you won't be happy with the response. Here is the strategy we have created, that we implement with great success in our social media. This plan has helped us gain consistent followers and engagement on our accounts everyday since we started implementing it. Give it a try. 

- Click on a hashtag you used in your last photo or tweet.

- Like 50-80 posts under that hashtag.

- Leave 25-30 genuine comments. 

      Note: You can only like 150 photos in 1 hour. So if you hit you limit you might need to take a         little break. This will get you engaging with like minded accounts and vice versa. 

- Pick a new hashtag and repeat steps. 

The first time we completed these steps in this post, we were able to gain 150 followers in 2 days! I was shocked. We spent way to much time in the past not taking hashtags seriously, with no strategic plan. Getting our act together has really grown our accounts.

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Alexis Shaak