Why Your Business Needs A Blog

When working with clients, we always suggest that they add a blog to their site. Almost immediately they come back with the question “But, why?”. While it is a valid question, we are here to tell you why in this digital age -  blogging is not only important, it’s also the best way to grow your web presence for your business.  


By adding a blog to your website, you are creating a dedicated space to engage your audience on a deeper level which ultimately shows them that you are qualified to be working in your field. For us personally, we blog about questions clients ask us, or what we see others ask in Facebook groups that we can answer. By answering these questions - and sharing your knowledge - you are promoting yourself as an authority in your field. 



Here’s a reoccurring question that many new web clients ask,  “My old site wasn’t driving any traffic. How do I drive more traffic to my site?” The answer is simple - BLOG!  
What most people don’t understand (and often their designers fail to tell them) is that you give what you get. Many people make the mistake of creating a website and never make changes to the copy or images during the entire lifecycle of the site. This is a problem. By not making any changes to your site’s content, your website is basically informing Google that your site is inactive and to not bother listing your site in the top search results. 

That’s why adding a blog is so important! Every time you add a new post on your blog, you are adding an index page to your site. For all you non-developers out there, that means that you are letting Google (and other search engines) know that your site is active and engaged. So, the more you post, the more your site is known as an active site! It’s a great way of getting your website closer and closer to the top of Google! 

Another way blogging drives traffic to your site is through social media. Every time you post on your blog, you want to make sure and post it to all of your social media accounts in order to drive those followers back to your website.  



Your competitors are your competitors for a reason. They do the same job and often in the same area. Having a blog not only helps you prove your knowledge to prospective and current clients, but it also humanizes your brand by allowing you to become more personal. 

“But what if my competitor also has a blog?” 

Don’t worry! It happens. And it will start happening more and more as people realize having a blog is so beneficial to their business. People have so many different writing styles and honed skills that no two blogs are identical. Someone may love your quirky writing style and way of explaining things as opposed to your competitors formal writing with charts and graphs. It’s all about letting your personality shine through. Have fun with it! 

Alexis Shaak