Fool Proof Method To Creating 5 Months of Blog Content in 30 Minutes

You know you should be blogging for your business - you want to be blogging for your business, but coming up with new ideas to write about each week can sometimes be difficult. 

To be honest, you have so many other aspects of your business to run, you don't have time on a blog post that won't even generate revenue. Been there - felt that!

Here is our fool proof method to creating endless blog post ideas our audience actually wants to read and share!

FACEBOOK GROUPS: this is definitely our #1 favorite method for generating new content. Hop into your favorite business related Facebook group and scroll through looking for comments, questions, and concerns you can answer. From there you can use your answers as a blog post to ease those struggles. 

TIP: Go back and answer the questions that gave you inspiration for your blog post and answer it with a link back to your post.

BRAIN DUMP: Set aside 30 minutes and fill out our FREE workbook. Don't over analyze your answers and don't feel pressured to finish the entire workbook. Use it as a guide to help organize your thoughts and when you're done you will have 44 high quality blog post ideas! If you're blogging twice a week, that is 5 months worth of content!

TWITTER: This is a great resource for leads because it is a platform based on fresh, in the now content. Best ways to find blog post ideas?

Tip #1: Search hashtags in your niche

Tip #2: Join industry specific twitter chats

STALK YOURSELF: Are there questions your audience has left on previous blog posts, DM'd you on social media, or sent you an email about? If one person has a question, I guarantee someone else is wondering the same thing. Dedicate an entire post (or two) on answering their question.

Tip: If you are getting repeat questions on a specific area of your business, maybe make it into a series where you blog about it once a week!

REPURPOSE CONTENT: Look to older blog posts that you feel can have more information of a different perspective added to it. Can you add a content upgrade? screenshots of your step by step process? a testimonial of a client using your advice?

While their are numerous ways to come up with blog post ideas, this is the fool-proof method we use in our business.  


Want a jumpstart of 50 FREE blog post ideas? Grab it here:

Alexis Shaak